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Compare WNBA over under lines from a group of respected online sportsbooks to ensure you are betting the best possible number. Professional bettors teach of line shopping and getting an extra free half point. That edge can increase or erode your bankroll 10% or more during a full WNBA season. Win some extra bets and don't lose some extra - it all adds up to bankroll savings and a healthier profit at the end of the day. This strategy is most relevant as it regards basketball totals (aka over under lines). Make sure to refresh your browser to see live WNBA total lines from several key shops.

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Never bet on womens basketball online or at a sportsbook in Las Vegas? Heard of a point spread but not a WNBA total wager? Basketballodds.ca is here to help. We explain how the total line odds are set, why they change and numerous basketball wagering types in our How to Bet on Basketball Games. Learn as much as you can about basketball over unders and you'll start to figure out why handicappers often like betting totals instead of point spreads in the WNBA.