WNBA Point Spreads - Basketball Betting Odds

Compare WNBA point spread betting odds from the best betting shops in the world before putting down your hard-earned cash. Comparing numbers will help you find the best line and even a half point on a WNBA contest can make the difference between an ATS win and an ATS loss. Refresh your browser to get updated WNBA point spread information on today's matches.

July 2Chicago-1 -110-2 -110
7:00 PM Connecticut+1 -110+2 -110
Matchup :
July 2Washington-1½ -110-1½ -110
7:00 PM Indiana+-110+-110
Matchup :
July 2Tulsa+-110+-110
10:00 PM Phoenix-7½ -110-6½ -110
Matchup :
July 2San Antonio+-110+4 -110
10:30 PM Los Angeles-4½ -110-4 -110
Matchup :

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