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Comparing WNBA moneylines to WNBA point spreads and getting the latest scoop on when it's best to best each way is part of the reason why Basketballodds.ca exists. Get current comparative money line numbers from sportsbooks from across the world as you search for the best odds. If you like betting small WNBA underdogs, often times your best bet is the money line. Check it out.

July 5Seattle+324
3:00 PM Atlanta-373
Matchup :
July 5Phoenix-146
5:00 PM Los Angeles+132
Matchup :

WNBA moneylines are a safe and smart strategy for reducing risk while maximizing profit, but when should you do it? Not sure what a WNBA money line is or how it works? Check out our site, read the helpful articles and arm yourself with the best information possible. The result will be more winning WNBA picks this season!