NBA Moneylines - Basketball Lines

Comparing moneylines to basketball point spreads and learning when it's better to bet one way or the other can make a huge difference in your bankroll. Get the latest comparative money line data from top online sports books to find then best number. Then compare against the point spread - which is the best way to bet the game? If the Raptors are a an underdog of 1 point against the Bulls and you think they can win the game, should you bet the Raptors at +1, -110 or bet them on the moneyline at +115? Well on the point spread, you have to risk $11 to win $10. On the money line, you have to risk $10 to win $11.50. So you risk less for a bigger payout in this example. It's never the same situation twice. Check it out.

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Basketball moneylines are a unique way to reduce your risk while maximizing your profit, but you have to know when it makes sense to do it. Not sure what an NBA money line is or how it works? Click around the site, follow the hoops tutorials and become the best basketball bettor you can be by having the most information.