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LeBron James has played with the favorites to win the NBA championship the previous four years as a member of the Miami Heat, but the odds have shifted for his new old team heading into the All-Star Break from the start of the 2014-15 regular...

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So you see the Raptors are listed as +4.5 on the NBA odds menu on your favorite website. What does that mean? In NBA betting, similar to football betting, a plus (+) symbol in front of the number indicates that teams is the underdog. So in this case, if Toronto is +4.5 and the Bulls are -4.5, that means the Raptors are 4.5 point underdogs. It means if you bet the Raptors, you win your wager even if they lose by four points or less. Those 4.5 points get added to their point total, as a handicap of sorts.

You’ll also need bigger number like 197.5 next to ‘total’ or ‘over under.’ This is the NBA total, commonly down as over-under betting, where you bet on whether the combined score will be lower than or higher than a certain number. If the Raptors and Bulls are each averaging 100+ points per game, then betting OVER 197.5 may be a good idea.

And you’ll see NBA moneyline odds, which is similar to hockey and baseball wagering. Instead of a point spread, you have to risk more money to bet the favorite and earn a higher payout by betting the underdog. More on this form of hoops betting in our tutorial sections. And don’t forget NBA futures, where you can bet on who will win the NBA championship, who will win the Eastern Conference title, who will be the NBA MVP and more.

And every game, sportsbooks such as and offer tons of NBA prop odds, meaning you can bet whether LeBron James’ points + assists will be more or less than Dwight Howard’s points plus rebounds. Fantasy basketball fans can often profit greatly from props wagering.