Betting on Props

Basketball proposition (props) bets have been growing in popularity over the last decade or so now that sports bettors have so much information on teams and players. Basketball prop bets can be on just about any potential occurrence in a game, and some props offer a better winning potential than others will.

Most prop bets that offer action on one team doing something before the other team can will have a moneyline to bet on. Individual player props are usually offered in an Over/Under format on how well a player might perform in a specific area or statistic.

Sportsbooks generally charge a higher percentage of juice on prop bets, mainly because they don’t put in as much effort to handicap them properly and need to make up for the losses this can cause.

The key to good prop betting is to do your research before putting down your money. Carefully looking over all the props that are being offered is the first step. Not all bets will offer a good opportunity to get paid, while some will come with a real edge for a bettor that knows something that the sportsbooks may not.

Today prop bettors have access to injury reports and stats on player’s average outputs and performances in previous similar situations. It’s possible to handicap some prop bets more in depth than the sportsbook will, and once one recognizes an edge in the lines they can make a sound bet.

Many prop bets will be purely chance with no way to predict one outcome over another. Coin flip prop bets are a fine example. Some prop action will be poor bets with too much juice attached to warrant the risk. Choose your prop bets wisely and try to use only a small portion of your betting bankroll on props.