Betting on Futures

There are lots of different ways to bet on basketball, but there’s one way to get a much bigger payout than what the usual pointspread or Over/Under wager will offer. Basketball futures offer bigger odds on outcomes that feature more than just one game’s results.

Futures are offered on season long, series, and tournament bets where you wager ahead of time before a lot of information is available. They give the bettor a chance to win a lot of money on a small wager if their pick ends up coming through at the end of the time period.

Basketball futures come in many forms and a successful one can quickly grow your betting bankroll. Say you think that the Celtics will win the NBA championship. At the beginning of the season, even though they’re one of the teams that have a good chance to win, that bet could be getting odds of 5/1 or more.

You could also bet on how games your favorite team will win throughout the season or on year-end player stats. Future bet odds will change throughout the season, so picking a team that shows a lot of improvement over the future time period will come at a better price the earlier in the season you make it. That means picking teams you think will improve over the season is the best way to win a big payout.

The thing to keep in mind when it comes to future bets is that your money will be tied up for a while. This is a good thing because if your future bets don’t pay off you won’t notice the loss in your current bankroll because the bet was made a while ago. And like with most basketball bets, different odds will be offered at different sportsbooks. Shop around and find the best price on the futures action you think could pay off.